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Purposely Activated

3-day Self Love mini-course


BONUS - Activate

Congratulations on completing the Purposely Activated - A 3-day Self-Love mini course.

You might be wondering why I popped up on Day 4. Well, this is a special bonus, rewarding your commitment to yourself over the past three days. We have covered Sense of Self, Passion & Integrity, which are the ingredients to Activate. Activate is all about you bringing everything you have learnt to life.

You will explore your true essence in how you wish to express it. You will also create a vision around your day and week to Activate You. Everything will emerge from your core within.

Have fun today. Activate is about bringing the joy of the real you to life. Not who you think you need to be. Play.

Tasks for today:

Step 1 - Watch the introductory video

Step 2 - Complete the Reflection Questions

Step 3 - Complete the activity

Step 4 - Celebration

Video Welcome

Jacqueline, Vitality and Empowerment Life Coach, Activate You Coaching

Reflection Time

Activation is how you choose to express yourself when living in your power. The following questions will start to explore how you would like to express yourself authentically. Be truthful in this activity. Have fun.​

Part A - Expression​


  • Who is your favourite musician, and what is your favourite movie

  • What themes/characteristics do you take from each of the above that appeals to you?

When we sit back and reflect on our favourite movies, musicians, and their characteristics, we recognise something that is within ourselves too.

Is it passion? Passion is within you. Is it joy? Joy is within you. Is it making the world a better place? Then making the world a better place is within you too.

"Dreaming after all, is a form of planning"

Gloria Steinem


Enter these exercises from a place of your sense of self, passion and integrity. 

Blur the lines. 

Exceed imagination. 

Part A 

Write out your dream weekday and weekend.

Try not to be time orientated but instead be pleasure/joy orientated when you conceptualise this.

Part B

List 2-3 new priorities or activities that will make you feel alive and incorporate to be activated in your life each week.

This will help orientate you to anchor in what's most important for you and how you wish to feel. 

Part C


Expression is so important. I want you to put on your favourite song and dance!

Dance like no one is watching. 💃

The bonus day is reinforcing what feels good for you. This doesn't have to be at the sacrifice of something else but in addition to the things we use to influence how we feel. 

It is not about purchasing something big or waiting for external validation. What you have learnt in each day through the video, reflection questions, and activities are new tools to reimagine yourself, with purpose and to feel activated. That is self-love. To have meaning, energy and alignment to the human you are. 

Congratulations, I am oh so proud of you. 

Jacqueline x

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