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Jul 31, 2022 - Sep 30, 2022

Be the Leader in Me Group Coaching program

  • 62Days
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Be the Leader in ME is a 6 week group coaching program, designed to support people like you to find & ignite their inner leader and live life with conviction and agency. Our world prioritises leadership around our job title, being in a senior role within a hierarchy or with a position of influence. Why should this determine whether you are a leader? I want to radically shift this thinking to add fresh momentum to the idea that leadership is within. If you enact your own unique assets, live aligned to your values and express this within different areas of your life. This will bring to life your vitality and will inspire others. In this group coaching program, you will be supported to explore who you are as a leader, while becoming aware of any limiting beliefs you may have developed. From this place you will begin to understand your strategy for innovation & creativity, opening new portals of possibilities. Most importantly, by changing the face of self leadership and how this is valued, you are also inspiring others in your life to do the same. If this feels true to you, then join me for the Be the Leader in ME Group Coaching Program. You will be going deep, redefining your potential & building your agency to thrive. This group coaching program will cover: Week 1: Rethinking Leadership Week 2: Design your life Week 3: Lead with passion and purpose Week 4: Authentic Expression Week 5: Integrity Week 6: Be the Leader in ME


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