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Purposely Activated

3-day Self Love mini-course


Day 2 - Passion

Welcome to the second day of this challenge. I hope that you enjoyed exploring all things self care, and prioritising filling your cup.

Whenever I work with clients, forming a strong foundation of self, and what promotes flow into their lives and prioritise taking action on other facets including career, relationships and health from an embodied place. 

And that is what leads us today, to look int what excited YOU! Despite what we are often conditioned to believe this life shouldn't be so hard. We shouldn't be so busy that there is no time for passion projects and activities. It is a fallacy and construct, but the beauty of constructs is we can reframe them. 

On Day 2, I invite you to reframe how passion is embedded within your life. Remember the lesson of yesterday, we can permeate our subconscious brain of what that looks like, and override the doubts, fear and belief it is not possible. 

I am proof that you too can be bold and courageous to be driven by passion, and have that impact on the world that you wish to see.

Tasks for today:

Step 1 - Watch the introductory video

Step 2 - Complete the Reflection Questions

Step 3 - Complete the activity

Video Welcome

Jacqueline, Vitality and Empowerment Life Coach, Activate You Coaching

Reflection Time

Today is tuning into what ignites your passion and joy. 

Again, passion is not static, it is fluid, and evolves as you ebb and flow throughout your life. 

These questions aim to explore what passion means right now. I encourage you to explore these questions with a playful child likeness, or beginner mindset, like you are exploring this for the first time with much curiosity.


  • What brings you deep sense on joy? 

  • What brings you a deep sense of drive & motivation?

  • What brings you a deep sense of excitement?

  • Can you identify themes in your responses to the questions above?

  • Is there anything surprising or new?


This activity will showcase a lens on the core of your passions. Understanding what you admire in the world, both in others and in yourself, can build awareness of these characteristics and support you to make aligned & passionate decisions moving forward.

Part A

What is your favourite quote that fires you up and makes you feel inspired by life?

Part B

Who are 2-3 people you look up to, and what qualities do you admire in them?

Part C

List everything you like to do in life: leisure time, jobs, hobbies, activities, volunteer roles, etc. You can also list the things you would love to do in life. 

Part D

Label them under characteristics of the value you gain from the things you like to do. For example, helping others, being creative, ect.

Part E

Write your “ideal self” as a character based on the characteristics you discovered in the previous exercises.

Play with your “ideal self” as the lead character: who is he/she/they?

Part  F

Are there qualities that you admire in others that you listed in Part B that are also present in your ideal self, and how do you want to lead a passionate life?

Often the things we admire in others also resonate within and are ready to shine.

​*If you are on Pinterest, create a board to explore the elements of your ideal self visually.

Part E adopted from - Steven Pressfield

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