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3-day Self Love mini-course


Day 3 - Integrity

You might be wondering, why integrity? Integrity is a reminder that we all have the right to live from our truth in life.

Too many things in our lives are taking us away from what is inherent inside and telling us how we should live. Over time, conditioning overrides our inner compass, and we disconnect from what our own signals tell us. I know for myself that has led me to feel like there are gaps and a level of dissatisfaction like something was missing. We are then told to spend big as the items will fill that gap. We are not good enough, but this product will make us feel whole for a hot minute, till it doesn't.

That is why we focus on integrity today. It is a stepping stone to reconnecting to yourself and leading from that place within. I want you to be activated by who you are and not left to feel unworthy by external forces.

You will reflect on your emotions and how they feel in the body. What are they telling you? I know mine were numb for a very long time. The past few years have been a huge journey reconnecting and processing my emotions. You then will explore the idea of "boundaries" and why they are important in your life. Learning to speak from the place of boundaries has been a significant chapter in my life, where I realised I do have the right to speak up.

Finally, you finish with a little task (that I love) about speaking up and owning the amazing person that you are. 🌟

Tasks for today:

Step 1 - Watch the introductory video

Step 2 - Complete the Reflection Questions

Step 3 - Complete the activity

Video Welcome

Jacqueline, Vitality and Empowerment Life Coach, Activate You Coaching

Reflection Time

Today we will reflect on understanding what your emotions are telling you and implementing boundaries in your life. Why is this important?

Well, when I began to learn that my emotions were not only a reaction to something in my life but could tell me something a whole lot deeper. You see, if you feel envious of someone, maybe it's that you wish to have something like that in your life, and you just didn't know it at the time. See how it is a learning tool?

Boundaries are the place from which you express what is important to you. Learning you can say no. Or I deserve more. That is not a skill set we are all equipped with. If anything, we are disempowered in this skill set. In this reflection activity, you can think about a situation where you have an unjust emotional response to something in your life and how you can take action and set some boundaries from that place. It is scary, but the more we speak from a place of our boundaries, the easier it becomes. It puts your integrity at the forefront.

With your journal, answer the following questions to connect with your truth and lead with integrity.

Part A - Emotions

The following will examine your relationship to your emotions and how that presents. From there, you can anchor into the internal feelings and use them to signal what actions you need to take.

  • How do you feel when things are going well in your life?

  • How does this present in your body/emotions?

  • How does it feel when things don’t feel good?

  • How does this present in your body/emotions?

Part B - Boundaries

Do you know what boundaries are? It is how we connect to our own expectations and act upon them while also separating from others' perspectives on things.

  • Are there any areas that you would like to set boundaries for?

  • How can your values inform your boundaries?

IMPORTANT. Remember to start small. Our nervous systems are not designed to be taking leaps. I like to play with the edges. That means taking small actions to implement my boundaries.

Boundaries could be making a moment for me time, eating well, going for a walk in the middle of the day, expressing your needs to someone more in a more vulnerable way or present time with loved ones.

Be Kind. Boundaries are not easy, if they were we wouldn't be talking about them so much. Meet you where you are now, and keep leaning into feeling what feels right and what doesn't. Take action from this place. You will find your boundaries grow and change over time.


This activity will showcase a lens on the core of your passions. Understanding what you admire in the world, both in others and in yourself, can build awareness of these characteristics and support you to make aligned & passionate decisions moving forward.

Gratitude, brag & desire

Today you are doing to write a - Gratitude, brag and desire about yourself.​

  • Gratitude - Something you are thankful for in your day.

  • Brag - A celebration of something you did today.

  • Desire - Something you wish for your life.

I propose that you write these each day for the next 14 days. I use this in my daily practice at the end of the day.

This activity was adapted from the book - Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts: Using the Power of Pleasure to have your way with the World.

Through this activity, you are going to DECLARE & CLAIM your amazingness. By writing this in a journal, you are sovereign in reinforcing these amazing qualities of who you are. If you feel called, share these with a loved one in a safe space or speak to them in a mirror to yourself.

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