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Embrace your Fresh Start:
Empower Your Potential through a Coaching Session!

90 minute Coaching Session


  • Pre-coaching Questionnaire

  • 1 x 90 min session

  • In addition you will receive a mini Mindfulness Action Plan specially tailored for you and support your coaching journey (valued at $100)

Confidence Catalyst

Rise Above:  Elevating Confidence, Conquering Doubts, and Taking Action!

Embrace your fresh start and discover what you are capable of with a personalised life coaching session! During this uplifting session, you'll connect with what resonates deeply within your soul, tapping into your authentic self. Honour your core values, allowing them to guide you in making decisions aligned with your truest aspirations. Finally craft a plan that inspires you.

Refresh and energise your life and reach your objectives with this single experience. Book a session today and let the transformation begin!


$129 AUD 

What to expect from the session:

  • Relax and refocus with a meditative experience

  • Refresh and renergise a area of your life

  • Develop a clear vision for your goal and set actions to move forward with

  • Connect with your core values and passions to guide decision-making

  • Elevate your confidence and conquer self-doubt that is getting in the way

  • Overcome obstacles and challenges with resilience and a positive mindset

  • Take away some mindfulness & simple somatic activities to reset, calm and center when life picks back up again with your new aspirations

Remember, a fresh start is not about erasing the past, but rather about embracing the present and creating a future that aligns with your authentic self. It's an invitation to rise above challenges, embrace growth, and rewrite your story.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

 Connect Deep Within your Soul
Craft a Plan That Inspires

Create a roadmap that reflects the very best version of yourself in a area of your life. This personally tailored blueprint will motivate and uplift you as you navigate towards your goals.

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1:1 Life Coaching Series

Ready to transform your life?


In just 3 months of personalised coaching, I'll guide you in identifying your goals and creating a roadmap for success.


90 minute Transformative Coaching Session

Sign up for a personalised 90-minute life coaching session designed to refresh and rejuvenate you.

Book your dynamic power session now and take a step towards your goals!


Mindfulness Coaching Package

Discover a happier, balanced you through my Mindfulness Coaching Package.

In three sessions, you'll learn techniques to reduce stress, cultivate self-awareness, and integrate mindfulness into your life.


What is next?

If you have any questions, have questions or enquiries about my coaching, programs or would like to know more about me, please get in touch.


I would be very happy to hear from you and assist in any way. 

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