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Embrace your Fresh Start:
Start your Mindfulness Coaching Package Today

Mindfulness Coaching Package


  • Pre-series Questionnaire

  • 30 Minute Discovery Call (free)

  • 3 x 75 min weekly sessions over 3 weeks

  • In addition you will receive a Mindfulness Action Plan specially tailored for you, with strategies, tools and exercises that can support you after your coaching journey together (valued at $129)

Master More Mindfulness in your Life

Reclaim your peace of mind. Navigate the stressors of life with greater resilience and a renewed sense of purpose.


Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed out? Struggling to stay in the present moment and focused on your tasks? You are not alone. Stress can leave us feeling stuck and disconnected, but there is a solution.


As a trained mindfulness coach, I can help you navigate the difficult moments, offering techniques to cultivate self-awareness, manage stress, and improve your wellbeing. I specialise in teaching mindfulness practices that can be incorporated into your daily life beyond our time together, such as meditation, deep breathing, physical activities and self-reflection questions.

Investment Options

$329 AUD for the package - paid in full


2 x $170 AUD  - payment plan

What to expect from the package:

  • Reclaim peace of mind and inner calm

  • Develop resilience to navigate life's stressors

  • Cultivate a renewed sense of purpose and focus

  • Learn mindfulness techniques for self-awareness and stress management

  • Improve overall well-being and mental clarity

  • Discover practical strategies to incorporate mindfulness into daily life

Remember, a fresh start is not about erasing the past, but rather about embracing the present and creating a future that aligns with your authentic self. It's an invitation to rise above challenges, embrace growth, and rewrite your story.

In today's rush, we all think too much, seek too much, want too much, and forget about the joy of just being.

Eckhart Tolle

We all lose touch with ourselves at some point in life - this is normal.

My mindfulness journey began during my university years when I embraced regular yoga practice. As a deep thinker and empathetic individual, I often struggled to find inner peace amidst the chaos of daily life. That's when mindfulness entered my life.

Mindfulness, far from being a mystical concept, has become a scientific and soul-nurturing practice for me. It enables me to connect with my emotions, physical sensations, and thoughts on a profound level. I then have different strategies to find my inner calm, even in the larger times of stress, leading to a balanced mind and a purposeful existence.


Through consistent practice, I discovered that mindfulness is an act of self-leadership, allowing me to approach myself with compassion and kindness, shedding judgment along the way. It has helped me overcome various limiting beliefs that arise throughout life.

Get Started Today in 3 Easy Steps
Step 1

Submit a Mindfulness Coaching Package Application

Ready to commence your mindfulness journey? Submit your application  today. By filling out the enquiry form, you'll take the first step towards achieving your goals.


Once you submit your application, you'll receive a link to book the 3 week Package and receive a pre-coaching questionnaire to complete.  Through these next steps I will get to understand your motives for this package. You will delve into your aspirations, current pain points, and future goals, allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of how I can support you with mindfulness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What techniques are used in mindfulness coaching?

Mindfulness coaches use a range of techniques to help clients develop mindfulness skills, including meditation, breathwork, body awareness exercises, and guided visualisations.

What is the difference between life coaching and mindfulness coaching?

Life coaching typically aims to help individuals create positive changes in their lives, whether it involves personal growth, career transition, or lifestyle adjustments. The coach will help the client identify obstacles, set goals, and develop an action plan to achieve their desired outcome.

In contrast, mindfulness coaching emphasises the development of mindfulness skills to promote personal growth and well-being. This may involve practices such as meditation, breathwork, and body awareness exercises that help the client become more present and aware of their thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

While there may be some overlap between the two approaches, the main difference is in their primary focus and techniques used. Ultimately, the choice between fresh start life coaching and mindfulness coaching depends on the individual's goals, needs, and personal preferences.

Is mindfulness coaching suitable for everyone?

Mindfulness coaching can benefit anyone who wants to improve their well-being and cultivate mindfulness skills. However, it may not be appropriate for those with severe mental health issues or trauma, as they may require specialised therapy or medical attention.


If we both feel that coaching is a good fit, we will schedule a series of coaching sessions, typically held every two weeks on the same day/time for 6 sessions. During each session, we will work together to clarify your vision, identify obstacles, and create an inspired action plan to help you achieve your goals. In each session, new actions are set to help you continue your progress. 


The coaching series concludes with a final session, during which we will reflect on and celebrate your journey.

What is the availability and scheduling process like?

I typically offer coaching sessions on Monday & Tuesday evenings and on Saturday mornings (Aussie Time AEST or AEDT pending time of year), but I am also able to consider other times if necessary. To schedule a coaching series,  simply complete the Application online form, and you will be emailed a pre-coaching questionnaire and booking link to schedule a free discovery call. In this session, if you wish to proceed with the coaching series, we will discuss availability and arrange a time that works best for both of us.

What is your cancellation and rescheduling policy?

I understand that life can be unpredictable and that you may need to cancel or reschedule a coaching session. After the first session the coaching series is nonrefundable. You may transfer the series to another person. If something does come up I ask that you give me as much notice as possible for rescheduling requests. If you need to reschedule, we will work together to find a mutually convenient time for your next session.

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1:1 Life Coaching Series

Ready to transform your life?


In just 3 months of personalised coaching, I'll guide you in identifying your goals and creating a roadmap for success.


90 minute Transformative Coaching Session

Sign up for a personalised 90-minute life coaching session designed to refresh and rejuvenate you.

Book your dynamic power session now and take a step towards your goals!


Mindfulness Coaching Package

Discover a happier, balanced you through my Mindfulness Coaching Package.

In three sessions, you'll learn techniques to reduce stress, cultivate self-awareness, and integrate mindfulness into your life.

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Got a question?

If you have any questions, have questions or enquiries about my coaching, programs or would like to know more, please get in touch.


I would be very happy to hear from you and assist in any way. 

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