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4 ways to kick Imposture Syndrome to the curb

So, you feel like a fraud or not worthy, to fulfil your purpose in life? It’s too hard, and maybe you don’t think you can cut it? Or someone else has done something similar, and why would people take notice of you? Yes, these thoughts just keep on rolling. Every reason, to why you do not deserve to activate purpose, and run with it. This mean kicking machine in our mind is Imposture Syndrome roaring loud and stopping you in your tracks to design the life that fulfils you to the core.

First. You are not alone. We all have these thoughts, when we pursue something that is extremely meaningful to who we are. Pursing our purpose, exposes who we are, to our world, in a deeply vulnerable way. Often, we are not conditioned to think this is even an opportunity for us. We are on a one-way trajectory, ticking the boxes, denying the vision that is burning inside. Maybe not chasing this purpose, has kept us safe and it feels way too risky to take a bold leap into the unknown?

Purpose is often attributed to career design and prospects, which very much presents a limited platform to pursue the things that we love. What if we can change the game, overcome imposture syndrome, to design our life based on our purpose, values and desires? What if maybe, we can say no thanks to the impaired self-confidence, burnout and instead boost our performance in our own worlds. Yes, you heard it here first, think of purpose more broadly and holistically and inject it into different facets of your life, and say goodbye to imposture syndrome, once and for all?


Imposture syndrome makes us take notice of the areas of our life, that emphasise why something can't happen to us, or why we are not worthy of success. Imposture syndrome often presents as this idea, that those people that feel it, struggle with accurately attributing their performance to their actual competence, that has shined. Instead they place their success on external factors, such as pure luck or having support and help from others.

So how do we see our amazing attributes?


For why you are worthy, for your successes or discovering a life true to who you are.

Hard evidence, creates proof that you can’t deny, and validates another idea. Your success reflected your uniqueness and competency. So, can you find the evidence of a time you pursued something you loved and the outcome of that experience?


Once you have the hard evidence by your side, you can challenge your mindset and beliefs with PROOF.

Imposture syndrome is in your mind. This means you have the power and agency to CHALLENGE THE THOUGHT.

Can you have another thought? Can this be why you can do that thing you know you want to do?

Our thoughts, beliefs and values are not fixed. Let’s go back to you 10 years ago. What were you doing? What was important to you then? What did you believe about what is possible for your life? Compare each of these areas, to your life now. I can imagine there will be many differences, and so I pose the question why can’t you do that on the daily?

Neuroscience shows that you can form new neural pathways in your brain throughout your life. This is evidence it is possible!


While we have the World Wide Web, blogs, books, community, we can research, ask questions, find our more and become educated on essentially any piece of knowledge out there. Find someone who has done it before. Talk to them, learn their story, challenges, achievements and how they kicked Imposture Syndrome to the curb.

As they say, when life gives you lemons (aka information), make lemonade (aka again, delicious new decisions).


In our human experience, when is any of our states fixed? One thing I realised when I moved out of home at 18, was that if there was ever a young person catastrophe, there was generally a resolution, and/or we move on. Yep, it was quite the profound lesson, risk adverse Jacqueline needed to learn, and it has served me well.

This means that you have wiggle room to PLAY, BE CURIOUS, WONDER about the possibilities at hand.

Think of little you, around ages 3-9, did you let fear get in the way of your inner child curiosities, bewilderment, joy? We still have that inside of us.

When I need to connect to my “play state”, I put my hands on my heart and think of little Jacqueline, her smile, joy, and pure happiness for life. I know that version of me, is within, and she gets activated to lean in and move through any of the gunk that comes up in my mind. I also pull out my favourite tunes from that stage of life, and dance like no one is watching. What can you do?

Connecting to this layer of who I am, at this young age, makes me feel curious if I was to try and follow that burning desire inside, to create a meaningful and engaged life that I aspire for. I connect to purpose, that is more than a career, but a way of being in this world. Present, deeply connected, free, joyful and expansive. There is no tangible outcome, that my imposture syndrome self can defeat, it is a feeling for who I want to be.

Who do you want to feel and be?


A simple way to choose your thoughts again, is to simply say “I am the type of person that {insert your purpose and magic here}”.

Say this to yourself daily. UPGRADE the vibe of what you are calling in when you see fit. This is YOUR type of person.

I am the type of person that is a powerful and impactful person and coach, that wants to see people live their purpose and feel vibrant and alive!

Want to be fully supported to this place, by 1:1 coaching?

-> Interested in up leveling your life, confidence and self-love?

-> Find your voice and sense of purpose?

-> Its time to take the leap for you to take back your life?

I would love to hear from you.

Reach out at contact me to find out more about Career and Confidence Coaching and book in for a free discovery call.

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