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Connection to intuition: Your friend or fallacy?

Have you connected to your intuition? That innate knowing within, free of the logic procurements within our mind.

Intuition is broadly defined by:

"the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning."

In the realm of psychology:

"Immediate insight or perception, as contrasted with conscious reasoning or reflection. Intuitions have been characterized alternatively as quasi-mystical experiences or as the products of instinct, feeling, minimal sense impressions, or unconscious forces."

In philosophy:

"Intuition, in philosophy, is the power of obtaining knowledge that cannot be acquired either by inference or observation, by reason or experience."

According to science:

"As the influence of "nonconscious emotional information" from the body or the brain, such as an instinctual feeling or sensation."

What all these framings of intuition tell me, that it's about deep connection within one's self, minus conscious knowing. I know for me that my intuition has never led me astray. When I have felt that strong innate pull, it has always been the right call. Usually, that message is the one that goes against “what I should be doing” according to society or others, but I know it is the right call for me. I don't know where I would be without my connection to my intuition and following it when it's made the big calls in my life.

The first time I became acutely aware that it is in service of my highest good was a time when I was in Nicaragua, in Central America. After spending some time in San Juan Del Sur, on the southern pacific coast of Nicaragua, I felt like I needed an adventure. I remember waking up, grabbing some things and heading to the city centre to jump on a chicken bus to the location where travellers then continued to Ometepe. I wasn't myself going to the island. Honestly, I didn't know what I was going to do next in some random town. I thought I would look around and make my way back. Simple.

However, after a rowdy ride, on a bus pumping some catchy tunes, like a beatbox, I followed the group of people to the pier where they took the boat across to the island and I was left wondering, what do I do next? I should disclose that I left all my belongings at the hostel, including my passport. This was also a time before you could get phone cards to be accessible to the internet wherever you went.

There was really no end goal to this mini-adventure, other than realising that it was time, I left my group of friends, to make my way to Guatemala for the Intrepid tour I had booked through to Mexico in a few weeks time. I was probably naive but this day I operated on an impulse and needed to develop the courage to move on from my safety net of travelling with friends (whom I spontaneously joined their trip 2 weeks before going to Central America).

Ometepe Islands - Ometepe is an island in southwest Nicaragua’s vast Lake Nicaragua

After everyone departed for their island adventure, I came across an Italian restaurant where the owner could also speak English and Spanish. He kindly got me a taxi to take me back to the bus station. I remember asking him if this was safe. He was very assured that I would be fine.

I got in the taxi, and the owner told him where I was heading. Also in the taxi were two other Nicaraguan men. I was in a shared taxi, cautiously analysing my surroundings. There was no internal door handle on my side. Yep, that is right there was no way to open the door if I needed to escape. I hadn’t anticipated being in a shared taxi, to be honest.

I didn't know where I was, I had limited cash on hand, and my passport was at the hostel. I also had a Nicaraguan man directly staring at me in the backseat. I was maybe the first westerner he had ever shared a taxi with before, as a developing country, Nicaragua had only within the last 15 years began reestablishing after the civil war, and was attempting to improve the quality of life of the people. Unfortunately today, things have since derailed with their authoritarian leader.

When I looked out the window throughout the ride I kept thinking ‘this is one of those situations that your parents advise not to do, and I may not tell them about this ever…..’. Sharing a taxi, no doors, no form of communication. Not the smartest thing that I have done. However, more than that, despite these logical conclusions from conditioned fear, looking out the window at each shack to shack in the village, I felt a sense of innate ease. I also heard a strong voice saying to relax and I will be fine.

The taxi driver dropped off each of the other passengers around town, and then looked at me, to ask where I was heading too. I told him in Spanish, San Juan del Sur. Still not seeing a bus station in sight, I continued to trust the feeling of calmness within me and not panic. With all the conditioning around safety I had received, I had potentially put myself in a very vulnerable position, in a developing country, yet I felt that inner feeling that kept telling me I will be fine.

Rivas bus station, Nicaragua

Low and behold, as we arrived at a bustling bus station somewhere in Nicaragua, he took me directly to the chicken bus I needed to take home. Now that precious bus was pumping tunes to bring the fun vibes to the raft of backpackers heading to the island. This bus was a true chicken bus, on a hot Nicaraguan day. It was one of those buses that didn't leave until it was full, and I was one of the first on.

However, thankfully, I was safe with the locals heading back to my base.

Not only was I safe, I never panicked with the events of the day, as I trusted my intuition and even though it was uncomfortable by the knowledge that isn't the greatest situation to put myself in, with no ability to contact anyone I know, in a foreign country where I can't speak much of the language, but I was also supported by my inner wisdom.

That inner wisdom served when I made the move the next day to head to Granada, where I got chased by an aggressive dog on arrival. I kept thinking as time stood still being chased by this dog, ‘that I was going to get bitten and get rabies and why did I leave my friends and travel here?’ Once again, my wisdom encouraged me to ground and reopen to the experience of Granada.

No, I didn't get bitten, thankfully, a kind man yelled something in Spanish which made the dog calm down. After a big emotional cry in my hostel, I made a new friend and had the best night out with their group, which included delicious local dinner, local dancing, spotting a Hollywood actor at the table next to us, and this ended up being a group of friends I kept travelling with up to Guatemala, Belize and Mexico.

Volcano Boarding crew at Cerro Negro

I have always said this backpacking trip through Central America in 2013 changed my life. A big part of that statement was because I saw a different way of living life & tried things that I didn't know were possible (like sledding active volcanoes). But now upon reflecting on this story and reading my blogs back then, this reflection was also because my inner trust levels exponentially increased. I learnt to trust that inner feeling beyond my logical mind in situations where conscious reasoning is screaming at me about all the things that make my intuition wrong. I had no choice in that taxi but to believe my intuition, otherwise, I would have panicked and that could have changed the outcome or wasted energy that didn't need to be wasted.

I will never forget being in the back of that taxi, looking out the window at the shacks going by and knowing I had a choice in how I could respond and that this will be okay.

So I know ask you, do you remember,

  • What was your moment when your intuition came alive?

  • Do you sit in the trust of it and let it lead the way?

Each of us carries our unique stories around when and how it came alive, but the biggest point here is if it's beyond our logical reasoning, can you offer more space for your intuition and how you live your daily life.

Time and time again, I see the conflict between our innate knowing of our dreams or desires become compromised by our rational mind. We then fight the intuition, with logic, and it becomes a cycle, over and over again, a sense of something missing, because we choose to believe the limits of our conscious cognitive processes then this built-in guidance system that has your highest interest as a priority.

If I lead from my intuition, I can't be dissatisfied, because I am being true to me, at my core. My mind will try to protect me and tell me many reasons why I can't go the whole way. The more I think about the times my intuition has led, they have been the greatest human experiences of my life.

I want to give you permission to go there a little more. Tap into your intuition to see what it is calling for you. Stop, breathe and listen to it. How does it make you respond emotionally and energetically when you give it the space to voice its wisdom to you?

View the thoughts in your mind, where it is trying to keep you safe. Is that the safety you wish for, in spite of your dreams? Reframing the role your intuition has in your life can open up sparks of wisdom, you never knew was possible. It's a portal for creativity, expansiveness, and magic.

I will leave it there for now, but I hope this gives you a chance to lean into your inner knowing more. May you thrive in the true essence of self, that you are.

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