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How do you self care?

One thing that has come up over and over again with my clients, is really reflecting on how they are taking care of themselves, often during periods of great transition in their lives. This past year has uprooted their world in many ways, and they felt the rug being swept out from under them. In times of duress and sudden change like this, often our minds start to hyper focus on the loss of control and on what was lost or suddenly changed. Our security blanket is suddenly gone and now our vulnerability is very front and center of the situation at hand. Periods of stress like this can get us thinking about how we can take back control through immediate steps.

Often in these times we forget to nurture and take care of ourselves. One thing I have heard (and also been very guilty of myself) is depriving the good things until you achieve some impossible action in the near future. However, it is times like this where grounding into self-care practices is more crucial than ever. It’s by taking care of ourselves that we can proceed from a fuller bucket and be ready to create positive action in our lives.

Self-care practices and rituals that nourish my physical, emotional and spiritual body have been a significant feature of my world in 2020. No matter what comes my way, I make a priority to take care of myself, lean into nourishment, and minimise internal battles in my mind to show that I am worthy to prioritise this daily within my life. It is no longer a transactional act, that if I get the job, or run myself to the ground with tasks all day, that I can take that bubble bath to unwind. If I feel like it, I will make that the priority for my day.

For you a bubble bath might not suffice, and that is okay. The beauty is taking a journey to discover what self-care represents for you. For instance, it might be reading a book with a cuppa, walk in the park or on the beach, playing with the animals or kids, flying a kite, preparing nourishing food to share, dancing and shaking it off, a game of golf or some type of creative class. It might be more inwards, an abhyanga, mediation practice, pleasure rituals, deep connection with yourself or a significant other. This is really time to anchor in your self-discovery, to find joyful practices that you do, just because it feels so good and make that a priority in your life. Share it with someone special or go it alone, in full embodiment and worthiness.

There is really no greater and more empowering relationship then the one with yourself. It has taken me 30 years to come to that realisation. I would spend so much time sacrificing the joyful things in my life, as I didn’t feel worthy to make myself and my joy a priority. It was too focused on what I “should” be doing, that I lost the deep connection of what makes me shine and my relationship to myself. My other relationships became more fragmented and I felt so lost and off path. That lead to mental health issues, adrenal fatigue, weight gain and disconnection to my intuition.

Those low times however hold the transformational power to shine light back into your life. For me, it took a thought, that I desired better for my life. That lead to healthier actions to take care of my body and vitality. As my body healed, my thoughts got clearer, and I discovered the connection to my feminine energy and flow state. I continue to work on and lean into this even to this today. This relationship won't end. I am not afraid to lean into the fear of the unknown as I make taking care of myself a priority. I know I will be ready to back myself in this more empowered and connected state. That for me is self-love on a whole new level.

  • I ask you, what are you doing to take care of yourself right at this moment?

  • What are you holding back on that feels good, navigating the world right now?

  • Is there anything you can be doing now to bring back the fun?

If there is one thing you can do this week that makes you feel good for you, give it a go. See how you feel and changes your reality.

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