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Its time to activate all the possibilities in your life!

Today on my beautiful morning walk in Byron Bay, I was reflecting on about how I was here on retreat, building of my coaching business, connecting with inspiration and unleashing my creativity. Anchoring into a new possibility in my life. When did the potential of forging a new path come into fruition? How did I activate this untapped resource of creativity within? With this new-found freedom in my life, could I ever return to my pre-covid life, now knowing of amazing this all feels?

It is of no surprise that this quote (on my google chrome web browser) was the little message I needed to write a little piece on activating possibility into your world.

Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement – Golda Meir

If you told me 6 months ago, I was going to be building a heart centered business and doing the thing that lights me up like no other professional pursuit ever has before, I would have seriously doubted you. I was blocked behind all the reasons “why not”, that my mindset never could prepare for what could come to fruition with some imagination, self-belief, desire for a new way of living and fearlessness in my potential.

This is too juicy to keep to myself. I want to share my favourite top 5 tips to activating possibility into your world;

1. Adopt a ‘Why I can’ mindset

It is too easy to look for reason why not to do something, but it is just as easy to look at why you can do something too. I love to brainstorm and write it down, so it is visible to me each and every day. This serves as a timely reminder to stay on course with my truth and creations in the world. It is powerful stuff. Try it today with anything, small to as big as you would like to dream. See what unfolds and how you feel doing this.

2. Look for people who have done it before

There is no better way of reinforcement, then to see others who have done it before. Read their story, reach out and connect with them, ask them for a cuppa and chat, and keep an open perspective of learn learn learn. Do not worry about comparison or that someone has done it before. Let it serve as a reminder and source of inspiration that it is possible. No one has your magic but you.

3. Forget the rules or societal conditioning

This one is my favourite. One perk of 2020, is the rules have been thrown out the window and the way we live life has been reinvented (even at an institutional level). When I feel fear or doubts, it is often a reflection of what society or someone else has said is possible for my life, and their reasoning for that perspective. It is not a reflection of my own. We don’t have to take that on. Thank them kindly and internally acknowledge if that is in or not in service to you. If not, simply let it go.

I like to remind myself, I am the only one living with my mind/soul/spirit, and that is the one that matters when pondering my potential.

4. Brainstorm all the things that you love

This was an action I had early in a coaching series I was engaged in. Wow this one was really amazing to see all the things I am so interested in and have knowledge about. I was able to take ownership over my intellect, interests, knowledge and journey and to know there is so much value there. I would rather not keep it all for me and to share with others to help offer something new to their life, if they wish. Your voice, experiences, interests and knowledge do matter.

5. Find portals or avenues that deeply resonate with who you are as your form of expression and truth

Find that platform that enables possibility to come to life, or as Golda Meir put it, “fanning the tiny inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement”. For me coaching was a natural progression to bring my gifts to the world. I had been exposed to peer mentoring programs throughout my professional career and volunteering roles and know the power they have to transform someone’s life, education and employment prospects. Blogging and writing is a new-found freedom to express, after years of journaling practices.

What are yours? Is there a vessel in your world that can be reformed into a tool of expression? What do you naturally lean towards to find out more? What personally resonates with you?

Yes, I said 5 at the beginning, but I am on a role and this is too much fun to stop. I haven't listed break the rules you set for yourself, but there you go. A sneaky 6th tip, hehe.

The next one is the most crucial in this possibility process.

6. Trust yourself

Trust yourself 150%. This is a biggy. By trusting yourself, you are holding space to dream, create and bring to life your magic and uniqueness into the world. You can be your biggest cheerleader. This hasn’t been easy for me, but the more I learn to advocate for myself, and my pursuits, the more I can discern when another’s thoughts are not in conjunction with mine, and I can let that go. Their doubts and worries, are not yours to take on. Focus on trust, what that feels like inside and how that opens up new potential within. If I couldn’t trust myself, my investment, my experience, my natural innate ability, my passion, this coaching business would not exist. Therefore, my gifts to the world would not exist either. Your gifts deserve expression and to be shared. That is the beauty of the human experience.

It is your right as a human to experience possibility in your life. Apply some of these steps and see how you feel, what you think about and how your perspective evolved. It takes practice, commitment and trust. Isn’t it worth it?

Let me know what opens up your possibility in your world in the comments below. I would LOVE to hear them.

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