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Navigating Changes and Transitions

"When I look around, I know what this life will look like. What if making a change creates new, magical, unknown possibilities in my life?" - Jacqueline Smith

I have been a bit MIA recently while I navigated a move in my life. When I moved to Melbourne in 2018, I thought I was moving to the place I would be living in for a long time. I thought my career would grow, I would settle down from my travelling ways, and have enough activity to keep me busy. This worked well for the first year. I received an interesting position professionally, lived in a hustling suburb of the city, met fascinating people, and engaged with the vast conversation and schools of thought that existed through various creative and intellectual pursuits. It was exactly what I needed at that time.

However, after a couple of years and the impact of the pandemic, I started to wonder if the pace was detracting or adding to my lifestyle that my soul yearned for. I had made a wonderful community of friends. I accelerated my soul journey into inherent places that felt like home from within. With that personal evolution, I started to feel the constant movement was taking me away from what my beautiful business coach, Katherine MacKenzie-Smith, calls "soul work."

Looking around my apartment during lockdown 4….5..who knows, I started to ask myself the question, when we emerged from the ins and outs of lockdowns and when I look around, I know what this life will look like. What if making a change creates new, magical, unknown possibilities in my life?

Making change is hard. It opposes our inherent nature within. Change in a busy and stressful world only enhances our fight-flight response. It doesn't feel oh that comfortable. It was that question that I kept asking myself, is what drove the sea change from the bustling city to the quiet coastal feels of my hometown.

I am only one week into the move, and my nervous system has been decompressing since the drive. To be honest, I haven't done much other than allow myself to rest and sleep. Anchor into the new beginnings. Try not to be too specific on what I expect for this move. Hold space for the transition.

What I have recently experienced is similar to what a client will go on in a coaching series. Someone signs up for a coaching series to uplevel, make changes in their lives, and reframe their view to create new possibilities. Taking this leap is often one that has much trepidation. As it leads to the unknown, the new.

How did I know I needed a change?

I felt something inside, within my intuition, that said it was time. This signal was first raised before the pandemic, but I brushed it off. I then had a taster experience spending around 7 months here due to pandemic logistics in Australia. It showed me what life could be like here.

I also considered the move from a long term lens. I wondered if I would be happy in the city long term, or was it an excellent time to create change when I had the opportunity to. From taking this approach, I understood that the short term fears would soon subside as I built a new foundation, equipped with all the life experience from before. While it would be hard in the short term, it's only the first chapter of many to come.

I took a practical approach to the move. What did I need to execute? I needed a foundation, which included a job, somewhere to live, hobbies that would connect me to the community and alignment to my passions and purpose. I have Activate You, which makes me feel alive, and I have avenues to build a community here through my business. I also have taken steps to try new activities and meet new people.

I anchored into what I loved in life and remembered that I deserved that. While I have made a move and taken the practical steps to succeed on a baseline level, I also acknowledge that I have discovered how I desire to live my life, which does not subscribe to mainstream ideas. I always keep this end result at the front and center of my mind and know that is a possibility. By dreaming, I am believing. When the fears kick in, or I wonder why I did this, I remember that the dreams I have been leading me to the life I deserve, and this is determined by myself.

Remain open to the opportunities that present. In the first week of this move, many new golden ideas and opportunities have presented. This gets me excited for what is to come.

Finally, I self care. This will be another blog post, but self-care has been front and center of this move in my first week. Lots of sleep, rest, walks, massage, baths, saunas, healthy eating etc. Taking care of my body and nervous system has been my utmost priority and one of the main areas I believe our society neglects as we navigate our lives. I will deep dive into this further with you as the months go on, but it plays a critical role in our day to day.

Would I recommend navigating changes? Absolutely. It doesn't have to be life-changing. It is really a given, we see our days play out similarly, but this leads to changes in the end. The subtle movements we make lead to new beginnings, but we are often caught unaware. This offers one blueprint to support your mindset in evoking changes your life. More importantly it is a reminder that its really important and to nurture yourself through the rolling waves.

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