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Passion Invigorated

Do you have days where you feel a low vibe or meh, where things weigh heavy throughout moments?

I recently went through this phase. No matter how much I focus on healthy habits or how deep my personal development journey may be, it is very normal to have these feelings arise as a human. I have recently noticed a push to be churning away, fueled with distraction from managing the times when we feel low and the expectation that we keep going, no matter what.

After experiencing life flip on its axis, I was hopeful that we would be more accustomed to pausing, sitting, and being. However, there is a strong push to keep operating faster than before, with a wave of uncertainty threatening to crash our shores. In a world that wants to continue to pick up the pace, all I crave is the autonomy to be slow, play in the subtle energetic realms and enjoy what it means to be human.

You might wonder what I mean about passion in its most subtle forms. I have been talking about passion this month because I want it to be a reminder that we deserve to have it in our lives. In this ebb I was personally experiencing, one thing that became so clear was I had built a temporary life that was missing the passion in the subtle forms.

I had forgotten to focus on the feel goods. I am trying to say harnessing the energetics of passion for feeling alive by life. This could be in how I was living or what I was consuming, how I was moving, where my energy and time flowed and how I connected to myself and my needs.

As life ramps up for many of us, are you back on the treadmill, unable to keep up the pace. Or are you finding intricate moments connecting to the expansive energy inside, boosting your mojo and vibrations? Passion is a timely reminder of how to be human in other ways.

For myself, it took two viruses to sit back and really reflect on what is most important to me as my next chapter emerges. More importantly, I remembered what my soul needed to be in a place of a passionate embrace. I wanted to share this with you, as humans, we don't like to go deep with the hard stuff. It is not pleasant or comfortable. However, having an acknowledgement that you may be going through something or not feeling yourself, you open the portal to find your balance again. That is what I did. After a solid couple of months, I am already reaping the rewards of reconnection to the self I wish to be.

The first step has been shared. Acknowledgment.

I acknowledged that, yes, I felt like shit.

I did wallow, but I actually also needed to rest and recoup. When I have deflated energy, it impacts my mood. An element of rest is required to support my vitality coming back to life. This can be lonely. This can be boring. If you find the little things that also entertain you and bring that smile back, they all help revive your energy to take those next steps. My journaling practice, which I had neglected, was a crucial step in this process. By journaling what I was experiencing, I could get out of my brain and process what I was thinking. Also, I like to take walks outside, tech-free. This also helps freshen my mindset.

Secondly, I let it go.

That step is so hard. Nearly impossible. As a deep thinker and a highly sensitive empath, where the feelings are real. But by letting go, I was able to reset. It cleared some brain space to be able to tune into my needs and aspirations for the next phase. Dancing was the fun part of this step. Movement is so vital for me to help me move on from things. I also go to F45 pretty regularly; it gets me out of my head and into my body. I love putting on some beats and letting my body do the moving. It also shakes out the energy and clears the pathways to be grounded and connected.

This phase was my most important. Reflecting on my passions. Not the huge, change your life passions. But the everyday passions that I can incorporate into my life. I wasn't living a life I wished to live so much. Some were out of my control, but I was frustrated by things and chose not to do anything different. When I had sickness number 2, that is when I knew a change had to be made. This is acknowledgment 2.0.

I am a person that needs a level of passion for the things I do in life.

I honestly struggle hard grinding through my days without that inner fire and connection to my why. I went on the reassessment train. While not everything has come to fruition at once, reclaiming my passion as a birthright and priority has reinvigorated my mojo like no other.

Finally, my rituals to keep balanced have been the key to the longevity of what I am building.

These are simple: meditation, reading, journaling, channelling my creative spirit into Activate You Coaching, expanding my tribe, exercising, yoga, mantras, breathwork, time connecting with nature, having laughs, and taking mini steps towards the person I wish to be. They are all part of my collection of rituals to prioritise my feel goods. When I feel my mood decline, I use them as an anchor to recalibrate and move towards how I will be again soon.

I also connect to my heart space. Regenerating my heart coherency.

If you're feeling it at the moment, remember this time will pass. Is there something loving you can do to support your process?

If you feel the invitation to have more passion in your days, where could that be?


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