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Rethinking what is remarkable - Choose your remarkable today

I used to strive for a remarkable life. Travelled to many countries around this globe. Doing things and seeing places I never knew existed growing up in a humble country town. Meeting and talking to so many people, all embarking on beautiful journeys of fulfilment. I remember thinking year after year, how life only got better. Experiencing much more than the previous circle around the sun. Remarkable became the usual. The standard. The outcome.

At some stage, the remarkable stopped. I got a 9-5 job. Got older. And that remarkable outlook that was the leading force in life suddenly swapped out for the usual. It was somewhat expected by society that remarkable was an illusion, gifted out of “the real world” experiences. I can't really remember a specific time when it stopped, but it was somewhere between general conditioning and trying to do the right thing. And just like that, living with an edge of remarkable felt like it was over.

I am on the cusp of moving back to my hometown after over 13 years since I left. I am calling in the remarkable once again. However this time remarkable looks a lot different than it once did. This is the remarkable within.

Like many of us out there, the pandemic forced me to reflect and reassess my priorities in life. Slowing down. A lot of time at home. Removal of the many things I did. The pace of city day to day life. All stopped. It was within that space where the true remarkable emerged. The innate remarkable. The one we all hold deep within ourselves. The remarkable thing that makes life limitless, with endless possibilities, already present within our heart our soul.

This is the remarkable to believe that your dreams of your potential as a human CAN COME TRUE. It's the remarkable of knowing you have something valuable to share. A purpose that is deserving to be expressed. It Is remarkable that you are worthy, as you are now. It's the remarkable of witnessing the seasons change and evolve, within and outwardly. It's the remarkable that you have a choice in each and every moment to respond in a way that resonates with who you want to be.

This version of remarkable is the driving motivator why I want to ground into my hometown of Newcastle in the next few months. When I left Newcastle in 2008, I was ready to see this world. I knew there was more to the small city I grew up in, and I was so ready to experience the breadth of what life has to offer. It is now the intricacies of the city that is drawing me back. Its remarkability, to realise I don't need to play the game of the hustle and thriving is choosing based on your truth, and desires. This remarkableness is surprising.

Remarkable is more subtle than its mainstream definitions allow.

You don't need to be a Picasso in life to find your inner remarkability. Remarkable is bigger than making these choices. Remarkable is the deep connection to self, that enables you to choose above the conditioning and find your dreams in the modest of contexts.

For myself, it is knowing that despite moving back to my hometown, with less things to do and be entertained by, there are things much more important. First time with my family that I will never get back. Secondly, is knowing I can dream and execute magic wherever I choose to be.

This is the remarkable within.

This is the true remarkable that needs to be shouted from the rooftops. This is the remarkable that if you find yourself not feeling vitality in your day to day life, then today this needs to be planted and cultivated to grow. Connect to your inner expansion. Smile, laugh, dance. Your remarkable is to know that there are so many more possibilities out there for you now, and if you wish to manifest that into light then you can. Your remarkable is your precious gift.

Choose YOUR remarkable today.

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