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Revitalisation is my feels for 2022

This week we welcomed a new calendar year with the hope of new opportunities and prospects for the emerging year. I know for me, this is something I was ready for.

2021 felt sluggish, a grind while attempting to maintain daily work commitments, relationships, wellbeing and mental health. This took such a physical and emotional toll on my body, which continued beyond the months of being released from lockdown and engaging in the world again. Only leading into Christmas festivities, I realised I felt my usual self once again. This was a foreign feeling, to be honest. I can't really remember when some sort of stress was leaking into my orbit.

That is why I selected 'revitalisation' as my word for 2022. This word reflects my commitment to life more broadly. I plan to relocate from the city to a coastal town that I grew up in and haven't lived permanently since 2007. This means a new job too. Building a new community while finding flow in the familiarity of family and friends. Moving into a new pace of being that is regional living.

On a personal level, I know in my intuition, despite the fear I feel to make this significant change in my life, that it is necessary to ground into a new timeline, a purposeful redirection. You see, in and out of lockdown life, I realised that the city had served its purpose for my spiritual and personal development journey. I wouldn't be here now as a life coach without this chapter. My expansion needs space, love and regular ocean swims.

I understand the need for the community and people to restore their quality of life from the stressors of a pandemic. However, when I thought about what this means on an individual level, I felt so repulsed. I realised all the talk of 'going back to normal", "getting back into the office", and catching a train daily into a CBD wasn't going to work for me in the form it once existed. There was no way I could go back to that life at all. I felt more connected with the idea to "create a new normal". One that felt energised, aligned and expansive. One that I can have agency over, not be told what it is.

Back to the old "normal" works for some of you, which is excellent. But I am sure there are many of you where a new normal is more appealing after two years of chaos and change. You are ready to have agency over the prospects of what your life can be and find deeper meaning in moving forward. For others, thinking of a new normal is quite scary. Change is hard. Honestly, if I could make it through the curveballs of this pandemic, then taking action into my own hands and cultivating change is slightly less daunting on the fear spectrum.

I have made significant changes in where I live before. I have quit jobs before, without another to go to. I know it will work out. With intention and words like revitalisation guiding my year, that what is to come will be refreshing, expansive and uplifting to what has been. Comments like this create an emotive context to the year ahead and drive my more specific goals. I also dream into the experience, activating my brain to lead me towards that feeling in all my endeavours.

This type of goal setting is what I will explore in my upcoming workshop later in January, "Create your new normal." If you are interested in exploring this idea further in your own life, I'll be running a free workshop on the 30th of January, and you can sign up via this link. I will go into creating your new normal which includes taking control and building your agency to set exciting goals that you feel passionate about.

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  • How our brain is made to work against us when we are up-levelling & tips to overcome them

  • How to supercharge your desires in 2022

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