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The importance of honouring yourself through any uplevelling experience

Updated: May 1, 2022

I am currently going through a significant change. I am leaving Melbourne to build a new life in my hometown of Newcastle. I am resigning from my full-time role and taking a trusted leap of faith for this change to occur.

When I thought about making this move, it was centred around creating my new normal. I was intuitively called to move to Melbourne in 2018. However, something shifted significantly in pandemic life. I had no desire to return to the hustle, the dense energetics of living in a highly populated place. I now feel called to be a part of something, local, community and meaning. I also had a glimpse into the life that I could be living while being based in Newcastle for seven months.

Making a lifestyle change like this doesn't come without its fears.

I am certainly questioning if this will be the right move. More than that, I have my innate guidance saying each time that this is the chapter that needs to happen.

When I am in this state of flux and change, I know at the forefront that taking care of my nervous system is the number 1 priority. Your mind doesn't like change and will do what it can to prevent the threat of change. This feeling is heightened in times like now, where we are more likely to be living in a fight-flight response. This is due to the additional threats and nature of how society has been built.

Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you prioritise your nervous system health to move into the parasympathetic (rest) state.

In this physiological state, we are more accustomed to making change by being empowered and grounded.

So what do I do to take care of my nervous system as I navigate change:

  1. Meditate daily - whether it is 5 mins or 20 mins, taking a short time to rest your mind will help facilitate a rest state.

  2. Journal daily - I use this strategy to write my thoughts down, all of them in their truest form. By doing this, I acknowledge how I am thinking rather than denying the thoughts. On top of that, I am processing these feelings. Allowing them their five seconds of fame, and then move on. I can also journal the scenario's flip side, which brings me back into an excited state.

  3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle - Eating well, exercise, nature and social time. I embrace things that will make me feel like leading into the change experience before it happens.

  4. Focus on the Locus of Control - I hone in what I can control and surrender to what I can't. This one is often the most challenging part. I feel like I got good training in the pandemic. We have all experienced that sense of loss of control. What is crucial about this strategy is I don't focus on what I don't know or what I don't have agency over, but I prepare for the elements that I can do now. This includes registering with recruiters, focusing on my business, planning where I will live, preparing my financial position and setting inspiring goals for this new chapter. In the end, this is a process and not a linear journey.

Some of these may resonate with you, some might not while you are experiencing a change in your life.

In any case, you must first honour yourself and your nervous system, so you are primed to be in the best position for the journey that is coming your way.

There are so many strategies and techniques out there that can physiologically activate your parasympathetic system. I would encourage you to expand your personal toolkit and have some of these available in your back pocket to foster your success plan in any changes that come your way.

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