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The Magic of Hawaii

When I get asked the question “how was Hawaii” all I can say is MAGIC.

As part of studying with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy in 2020, I finally had the opportunity to attend Inspiration Day in gorgeous Waikiki, Hawaii.

When I decided to go to Hawaii, it was when the invitation for the Beautiful You Coaching Inspiration Day arrived in my inbox. Sometimes in life, you have a strong inner knowing that you must be there, without evening knowing why that is the case. After an interstate move, and starting a demanding role in an area that wasn't quite right for me, I knew I needed to have something amazing to look forward to. I immediately booked my flights and made arrangements for accommodation, and patiently waited 6 months for the time to arrive to spread my wings and fly overseas again.

Finally, the time to go overseas arrived. As a backpacker in past seasons of my life, it was an amazing feeling to be finally leaving the country. I had been to Hawaii before, a few times, and I knew I was walking into presence, joy, beauty, joy, soul and inspiration.


One of the first things I prioritised on my arrival was anchoring into the lands of Hawaii and its natural beauty. My friends were arriving the next day, so I had some time to sit by the ocean and activate my gratitude and offer thanks for being there. I let go of all the things I left at home, and committed to myself that I was going spend my days at this moment, as they presented, allowing the unknown to offer magic.

The first sunset particularly struck me. Living on the east coast of Australia, I didn't get to enjoy sunsets too often. The shape of the sun over the distant ocean horizon was beautiful. Many locals and tourists alike soaked in the moment to see the passing of daylight into nighttime, with the unfolding colours. The colours of the sky were so robust and expansive. Pinks, yellows, blues, oranges. Watching the sunset became an anchor point of each day. The only hint of the day passing by. Allowing time to be in the moment, observing the beauty present uniquely each and every time.


Being on the road again, seeing new things, and feeling the vibrance of energy that permeated across the towns, brought so much joy to my days. On my second day in Hawaii my new soul sisters Gill and Jenn arrived. It was so nice to be connected to other coaches and embrace the joy of being abroad and in Hawaii offered. When they and the others started to arrive the joy was coupled with deep conversation about our passion for being a coach, our life journeys and a beautiful sisterhood bond was cemented.

I remember feeling so many versions of joy on this trip. The spontaneous joy of my long-time friend Jill having a 7-hour layover and us having an unplanned catch-up after a couple of years. The grounded joy of playing in the ocean for hours on end. The adventurous joy of freedom, exploring new places across the island and witnessing the diversity of nature that occupies Oahu. The connected joy of deep and genuine friendships and soulful conversations with people from all over the world. The awe and joy of watching the full moon eclipse unfold throughout the night. The energetic joy of being in a community that inspires to be

leaders full of integrity, wisdom and soul.


One of the things I really wanted to experience on this trip was exploring further into the island. Seeing the green jewel, the crystal blue ocean and various landscapes were truly that of beauty. I have always felt more inspired by nature more than by places or people. The natural beauty transcends the soul.

I have since learnt that observing the horizon naturally reduces stress in the body. In Hawaii there are so many spots where you can soak in the moments, and witness the unfolding of nature showcase the breadth of its beauty, that takes your breath away.


The deep connections made with the other coaches was truly something special. It was like we all had known each other for ages. Bonded by the experience of training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. What really stood out for me was learning about the journey each of them went on to train with BYCA. Each story was quite personal, genuine and heart centred. In this group, we go deep so quickly. Enjoying full moon circles on the beachside, exchanging our energy in a collective and embracing the joy that permeates from the essence we each uniquely express.

I am so grateful to know these beautiful souls.


Photo credit: @JamesRamosPhotography

This brings me to the reason why we all travelled to Hawaii in the first place. That was the inspiration day. I love it these days. They are warm, welcoming, connecting and thought-provoking. After a week in Hawaii, it was nice to end my trip with the main event. But it also cracked open something else in me. That was the birthing of my business in its truest form yet. My niche, my business name, and my purpose in serving my clients.

It has felt like coming home.

That is why I am excited to share that the outcome of my business has been to move from being Activate You Coaching to a business under my own name. I am proud to claim I am an Intentional Living Life Coach, supporting busy people with their fresh start to connect deeply to themselves, others and the world around them. In a work of disconnection, disorientation, and distraction, my hope for you is to build intention and live as we were meant to be human. I Jacqueline Smith, Life Coach, would be honoured to lead you there, for you, your way.

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