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The Noise

The noise of so many accentuating vantage points

The noise of online worlds, algorithms rejoiced.

The noise framing more doom, media disseminating fear,

The noise of the sound of our politicians increasing gear

The noise of love lost, strangers projection of distaste

The noise of public opinion in haste

The noise of our loved ones, not always making the space

The noise of conforming, regardless of place

The noise of the illusion we need to strive

The noise of another illusion of a place that will never arrive

The noise overwhelms our sense of faith

That we are now more blind, by the perception of all this disgrace

What offers light, to move the noise away

So the noise can no longer lead us astray

Earthing of the feet,

That enables the body and the world to meet

The activation of energy flowing through the body

Reminds me we are alive, human and embodied

Big deep breaths, moving through me,

Creating a calming, centering way to clearly be,

The strong essence of a flower emerging,

Permeating scents that are so charming,

The suns rays, reenergising

The changes of season proving, these times will keep evolving

The salty sea breeze,

The ebbs and flow of a wave, reminding calm and ease.

Slow down, rest, create space

Break the illusion that any of this is a race.

Your senses are a powerful tool, to remind you are alive,

We are a product of nature, we meant to thrive.

In a polarised world,

Remember it’s a idea, a made up construct to displace

Instead intentionally create, nurture your grace.

We are all human and there is no one way to be

Our diversity is our strength and our sovereign right here.

- Jacqueline Smith

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