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The role of agency in taking charge of your life

Last week I wrote about the honeymoon phase of my move being over. I don’t know if you ever experience these feelings, where you are on the precipice of something, but you feel pretty low in the meantime. Like it is hard to kick into gear.

I realised that I was entering a stage where I needed to take some active action to drive my life in a way that continues to support the growth phase of transitioning to a new place. Reflecting on this, it took 3 steps.

  1. Acknowledgement that I had hit a block, and I needed to try something new to get going again.

  2. I brainstormed and researched all the things that would light me up.

  3. Harnessing my agency to act.

While I saw the things that would fill my cup, I didn’t want to commit. In the funk I was in, that felt hard. But I needed to. And once I did, it felt great.

This made me realise how vital agency is in our daily life and for our own vitality and embodiment of who we are. Agency is often defined as the actions or performance of tasks to achieve a specific purpose or outcome. Essentially as a human, it is about influencing ones functioning and course of events by one’s action.

I learned a lot about developing agency through a collective and individual lens over the past few years and how it leads to better outcomes for quality of life. For myself, taking these actions of doing the things that made me feel grounded, embodied, and at home (in my new city) meant I felt hope. That I could achieve the outcome of feeling like I will find my place here more believable and attainable. It gave me hope that I was in charge of my destiny. At the centre of my work as a coach, I support my clients to build awareness and skillset in embodying their own agency to intentionally achieve their desired goals.

I did a few things to feel in charge of my life once again in my situation.

I acknowledged that this phase of my life will pose challenges I haven’t had in a few years. Firstly, I harnessed my mindset to manage the emotions and thoughts creeping in, holding me back. I didn’t try to ignore them.

Secondly, I nurtured my energy by doing activities that made me feel at home in mind, body & soul. I attended a sauna, went to the beach for a swim, and went to a yoga event which I loved. They enabled me to pause and process. This is what I needed energetically at the time.

Thirdly, because of these activities, I prioritised my well-being. I engaged in healthy activities rather than suppressing what I was feeling through actions that would make me feel worse off.

I connected with trusted people with who I could confide and share what I was experiencing. I was also selective, spending time with people who would fill my cup and fill theirs.

Finally, my self-leadership was at the centre of each of these and the agency I activated. I was taking charge in an aligned way, with integrity, showing up as a leader within.

Agency is an integral part of our lives. It is where we become responsible for how we show up in our own lives. I would encourage you to think about where you desire more agency in your life. That is okay if you don’t feel like you have it in that part of your life. What I haven’t told you yet, is that the broader environment also influences how we can show up.

Pausing, reflecting and thinking about where you would like more agency is a great starting point, rather than feeling defeated at the first step. This acknowledgement will plant the seeds of the journey. The journey towards awakening your own inner power. Your own vitality.


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