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Discovering your spark through mindset and confidence coaching!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

I wanted to jump on here to share why I decided to become a Mindset and Confidence coach.

It is tough to pinpoint the exact moment I decided to become a coach. Instead, it was an accumulation of life experiences that got me to this point of launching my coaching services.


I spent much of my 20s seeing the world and learning about so many different cultures. I loved learning how people were human, different ways. This experience challenged my preexisting beliefs. It also opened my mind to think beyond any cultural norms of my country, and that way of living didn't have to be the only way to be in this world. It showed me there are so many possibilities for how we can be. When I reflect on my travels, I feel like I came home a better human and knew I needed to give back to all I received from others worldwide.


I have been fortunate to have been in professional roles that are centred around empowering people. I have been working in the Higher Education sector for the last six years in numerous positions. They have collectively been about supporting students to thrive and shape their education. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the transformation of students throughout their studies and emerge into the world confident in their capabilities and thriving.


I recently completed a Masters in International and Community Development, and I loved everything I learnt in this degree. I understand how the political, economic, social and cultural domains influence humans interaction with each other and the broader world. Throughout this degree, I learnt about working with vulnerable communities to determine their future rather than being told what to do by someone else. While the contexts can be quite different, there are many synergies between reframing aspects of one's life and becoming empowered to evoke change.


All the first three elements have in common is the PEOPLE. While I am introverted, I do love interacting and meeting all kinds of people. It is humanity that is a shared experience between us all. In 2020, I studied with BYCA to become a certified life coach.

When the world changed, I immersed myself in the most transformative program. I felt at home.

That's why I became a coach. I am a human that loves working with other humans. I have equipped myself with the skills to navigate different contexts and belief systems to impact the broader collective, one person at a time.

If you are here, it's nice to meet you too.

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