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Client Love


This opportunity to coach with Jacqueline came at the perfect time in my life when I was overwhelmed and overcommitted.

Throughout the series, I explored deeper depths of myself, where I shifted and strengthened my mindset and cultivated a new level of focus.

I found a new way of doing things, including speaking up and expressing my truth and my emotions so clearly and with clarity. 

My experience with Jacqueline was directional, peaceful and expansive.

Alyssa - Higher Education & Yoga Instructor

Kat Portrait.png

My coaching experience with Jacqueline was genuinely amazing.  

I can’t thank her enough for the space she held for me during each of our sessions. Her words, listening, support and guidance were so treasured.  

I had always struggled with showing my true self, but she made a concerted effort to make sure that I knew only my true self was welcomed in our sessions. 

Before commencing coaching, my creativity was calling out loudly, as was my desire for deeper connections in my life. I learnt so much about myself and shifted so many beliefs, and it blew me away just how much I transformed. My eyes glisten when I talk about my coaching experience, and I am so very grateful for her work and her heart.  

Thank you for being a shining light.

Kat - Life Coach

teleah portrait (1)_edited.jpg

I am genuinely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jacqueline. The space she created for our sessions and made me feel seen and held for the first time.

Before the coaching series, I felt like I had hit rock bottom, and it was a massive yes to work with her as my coach as it allowed me to reassess what was important in my life, including what a career meant for me. 

The goals we came up with felt so true, and I still feel really excited thinking about them. Throughout the whole journey, I was really supported and guided to get to the nitty-gritty of my goals and embrace the magic of the coaching series. I had several breakthroughs, and people have also noticed a shift in how I deal with these really uncertain times. 

I have learnt to be truly kinder to myself and embrace my life by connecting to my feminine energy, self-love, compassion and setting firm boundaries. I also take time to approach decisions, so they are in alignment with my truth. Overall I have grown in my ability to trust what opportunities will lay ahead in the future. 

Working with Jacqueline as my coach on this journey was enlightening.

Teleah - Yoga Instructor

IMG-2736 - isabelle mestern_edited.jpg

I started coaching when I was feeling flat and stuck in the daily grind, and I knew I needed to change and start thinking about my future goals with a refreshed mindset. Through the series, I connected to how strong and fearless I am, and I learnt about a whole other side of myself that had been dormant. Now I am excited about my future and how much I am capable of in my career.

Everyone in my life has also noticed how positive and happy I am too. I am so grateful and inspired by my coaching series with Jacqueline.

Isabelle - Retail


I started coaching with Jacqueline just after I moved to Australia and had difficulty navigating my new home. As a result, I struggled to connect to my true self, and l had lost my self worth and confidence.

Since receiving 1:1 coaching with Jacqueline, I cannot believe how fast I have improved from just committing to my goals and completing the actions set in each coaching session.

My friends have noticed a considerable shift and commented on how much brighter and happier I am. I'm proud to say the most significant change I've witnessed in myself is my increased confidence, self-love and self-worth, which has led me to speak up for myself more. I've also become more resilient and learned to find peace in times of uncertainty.

I don't know how to thank Jacqueline enough through my coaching journey and the transformation I experienced with my reconnection to myself. I will continue to practice the tools I learnt from my coaching series in the future.

Leang - Film and Production


Before I started working with Jacqueline, I felt overwhelmed by the sudden changes in my personal and professional life. I knew I needed to create a change in my life, but also knew that I couldn't do it alone. 


By the end of our first session together, I felt a huge shift and my mindset moved into a positive direction. 


At the end of my series, I now choose me - every day! I live unapologetically, centred and in my flow. I have so much more respect for myself and what I deserve. I've received so many comments about how I'm not as stressed and embody self-love. People have even said I’m more empowered! 

My whole experience was empowering, enlightening and optimistic. I am committed to practising everything I discovered in my coaching series daily. 

I couldn't have gotten to this point in my life without Jacqueline as my Coach. Thank you!

Meg - International Education


Being productive and busy has always been a part of my adult life. Once I reached my late 20s, I felt tired with the pace of life, constantly people-pleasing, never-ending multitasking. After becoming pregnant, I needed to reshape my focus to enable more balance and nourishment.

I began designing my life based on my core values and needs from my time with Jacqueline, which directly influenced my actions. I started honouring myself, which subsequently rejuvenated my relationships, work-life, and spirit.

Jacqueline is a great listener who gives you her full attention and energy. She can propose different perspectives and ideas, which has positively broadened my mindset. She is also great at using language and concepts to elevate my pre-existing beliefs and way of living. I am now taking care of my wellbeing, being kinder to myself, and loving deeply for the things and people I value in my life.

Overall my experience was engaging, energising and reflective.

Jessica Phua - Health Professional


I truly loved this coaching experience with Jacqueline.  

Working with Jacqueline was supportive, expansive and reflective. Her energy was caring and uplifting. I loved how Jacqueline would reflect on things, and she would offer me another perspective. Through this, I could see more of my gifts come to light.  

Throughout my coaching series, I have managed to create more community, unblock some of my financial blocks and acknowledge and lean into my own personal style that produces more productivity and flow. This experience has also helped me to see and trust in my manifestation process and celebrate all my small wins, which is so important to do! 

I see coaching with Jacqueline as such a beautiful self-love practice.

Liv - Yoga Instructor & Business Owner

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