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Welcome to

Purposely Activated

3-day Self Love mini-course


Welcome: Overview & Intention Setting

Hello you!

Welcome to the Purposely Activated - 3-days of Self-Love Mini Course.

I hope for you in this journey that you connect deeper to yourself through the reflection questions and array of activities and feel activated in your purpose daily.

This was inspired by my own journey to reconnecting to my sense of self over the past three years and taking courageous action in my life. I had been oscillating between following my truest ambition and following the status quo of what was expected of me. I have since realised that I never felt super activated following the status quo in my life. I thought feeling alive was part of the joy I got from following my passions and curiosities, but only reserved for those short moments.

Well, that is not true. Through my personal development journey, I realised how much potential is available. Now I want you to harness that same prospects for your life.

I look forward to having you join on this journey, as each day we navigate a new theme through reflection questions and activities that I hope you emerge as your highest self.

Below are some questions to get started to ground and orientate you on this 3-day journey together.

Get your journal ready with a cuppa, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

With love & warmth,


Tasks for today:

Step 1 - Watch the introductory video

Step 2 - Complete the Reflection Questions

Video Welcome

Jacqueline, Vitality and Empowerment Life Coach, Activate You Coaching

Reflection Questions

With your journal, answer the 3 following questions, to ground into your Purposely Activated journey.

  • Why did you sign up for this 3 day challenge?

  • What do you hope to uncover about yourself throughout the next 3 days?

  • One word you want to feel at the end of the 3 day journey?

Join the Activate You Collective Facebook Group.
I will answer your questions in this group and host exclusive live workshops. I hope you see you there.

Again, thank you so much for joining me on this journey. I will see you tomorrow for Day 1! 😊

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