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Aspire. Align. Activate

It is time to create YOUR new normal.


Hello you.

I’m Jacqueline, and I support people like you, to discover and express your truth in a way that's aligned to your unique talents and values, so you can find passion and joy to live out your purpose daily.

I see this matters because it's time for you to feel energised, alive and take on life on your own terms. Be the shining beacon of light that you are.

My intention is for female professionals to stand grounded in their personal sovereignty of who they are.

To have agency over the choices in their life, free of the structures and conditioning that often acts as an illusion that overrides one’s perceived desires, dreams and possibilities.

I am excited to see people realise their potential for choice and inspired action.

Welcome new pathways and options that are also available to activate more of their purpose and aspirations within their career and life.

May you feel radiant, joyful, free and full of vitality as you receive a renewed connection with your life, career and community.


May you be strong and confident in you personal power. 


May you be deeply present in the moment.


May you be full of vibrant expression.


May you be receptive to your gifts and passions, in all that they are. 


May you liberate an empowered experience of your life, to flourish and expand your sense of self. 


May you thrive.


This is so possible for you to feel courageous and bold in your career and life. I invite you to discover this for yourself through one of my 1:1 coaching series packages.

Join me to start this journey now with a free discovery call and learn more about 1:1 Career and Confidence coaching series.

What Clients Are Saying


I started coaching when I was struggling to connect to my truth and experiencing low confidence and self worth. 

I was surprised to see how fast I transformed, by committing to the goals and actions set each session and I continue to use the tools  I learnt till this day. I am proud to say the biggest change I have witnessed is my increased confidence, self love and speaking up for myself. I can also find a sense of peace within uncertainty and everyone has noticed how happier and brighter I am now. 

I don't know how to thank Jacqueline enough.

Leang - Film Production

teleah portrait (1)_edited.jpg

I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jacqueline. The space she created for our sessions, truly made me feel seen and held for the first time.

I experienced a number of breakthroughs, and people have noticed a significant positive shift in how I manage change in my life circumstances. I have learnt to be truly kinder to myself and embrace my life.

Overall, this journey was enlightening, grounding and heartfelt and I completed the series feeling stronger to follow my truth and trust myself.

Teleah - Marine Biologist and Yoga Instructor

Get to know me a little more.

Who is one of your favourite people in the world?

Im going to answer this, non family/friends related. 

I would love to sit down and have a conversation with the. musician Micheal Franti. 

His music and lyrics have supported me through tough times, inspired to do more int he world to help others, have compassion and see the beauty in humanity and each other.

My favourite album, is the Sound of Sunshine. This is a little Michael Franti has to say on the album.

"Sound of Sunshine" was one that I actually wrote in the hospital after my appendix ruptured. Every day I'd go to the window to see if the sun was shining, and if it was, I'd lean in the window. I thought to myself, "If I could bottle this feeling of how good the sun feels when you're trying to heal your body, it would be amazing." So I thought, "Why not try to put it into a song so that I could share that experience with other people?"

I have been to his shows in Australia, Canada and the USA, and every time he brings it all, love, laughter and a celebration for all. 

I ever saw him perform in Sydney and it will go down as one of the funnest nights of my life. We danced, singed, hugged and it was high vibes all the way through. If my impact can have that effect on people, my job would be complete. 

What is your favorite book to read?

My favourite fiction author is Deborah Rodriguez, and I adore all her books, especially The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul. 

Her books, transcends the intersection of experiences of the characters of various phases of life and cultures, and I am always in awe of each story and journey. 

I haven't read one book that I haven't been able to put down. 

If you were a super-hero, who would you be?

I would be Sailor Moon. I was obsessed with this show as a child, and when I have recently travelled in Taiwan, I couldn't help myself to purchase the merchandise at 29 years old. 

I still love it, and I spent some of my lockdown life rewatching the cartoon, with so much enjoyment!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

This would be Hawaii. 

Its beautiful, lush and the people were lovely each time I have been there. A mellow lifestyle with nature, that is found there really resonates. 

The culture is really interesting too. 

What would you sing at Karaoke night?

Easy peasy, as a 90s child, Spice Girls all the way!

What else do you like to do?

I have always been a outdoorsy person, and I enjoy trying new things. Especially like to try things I never thought I would do in my life. 

Some of my favs are scuba diving, practice yoga, every now and then I will train and run a half marathon, and hula hoop. 

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